Harrison Road, Worthing

Harrison Road was blocked by residents living on it.

WSCC have successfully argued in court that the road is a public right of way, and they are re-opening it for cyclist and pedestrian use.

The people at Decoy Villa who are blocking this byway - with a gate at the western end and various buildings / sheds to the east of the gate - have since made a planning application for a 'certificate of lawfulness'  as users of the land for 42 yyears (see copy of Notice below) which we now know has been approved by WBC.

However, as the earlier judgement confirmed the lawful existence of the byway - albeit with a slight deviation - all is not lost as WSCC fully intend to clear the area and reopen it to lawful public use.

As we understand the situation, WSCC Rangers will tackle the clearance after a contractor removes some large trees and WCF have had an offer to help clear the byway accepted and there is also a possibilty of employees of Smith Kline Beecham being involved !

Members of WCF visited the site earlier this week and managed to walk west from Dominion Way to a point not far short of Decoy Villa where we encountered a further illeagal obstruction - see the photo's below.

We have advised Jonathan Perks, WSCC PROW Officer and the local divisional county councillor Bryan Turner, and await a response. 9.7.14


Latest news 9.8.14 : WSCC contractors have now cleared the Byway and installed bollards at both ends as this is a 'restricted byway' not suitable for vehilcles and so has not been adopted by WSCC.

However, there is still work to do to rake away the residue debris left by the contractors 'brush cutters' that will enable the byway to be useable by cyclists