WCF is a group of enthusiastic local people, who are campaigning to make cycling a safe, convenient and attractive option for all.

We believe that a lot more needs to be done before this ambition can be realised for Worthing but we are confident it would result in more local people leaving their cars at home, reducing congestion, noise and pollution on Worthing streets. Worthing people would also find it easier to cycle into town, keeping shopping local and helping to re-vitalise Worthing's shopping areas.

WCF meets as and when an agenda requires. Upcoming meeting dates will be posted on the 'Events' page when arranged with the agenda and minutes posted subsequently for each meeting. There is no formal membership as our meetings are open to any individual or organisation with an interest in cycling in Worthing - just turn up on the day where you will be most welcome. We operate two mailing lists :-

1) an 'announcements' list where you will receive meeting agendas and minutes together with other important information from time to time

2) for those who attend meetings and are happy to receive and / or contribute to an online email discussion group, we have a separate group but we suggest you come along to a meeting to see what we are about first. Please contact our Chairman at jp@questadventure.co.uk to register or for further information.