WSCC are spending £30,000,000 on road maintenance in 2014/15 and 2015/16, to catch up with road repairs. In 2012/13, one in five unclassified roads across West Sussex were considered in need of repair.

WSCC paid out £51,000 to 1,118 motorists for pothole damage in 2012/13 , an average of £45.62 per claim.

The total Highways and Transport budget in 2013/14 was £52,400,000 according to the council tax leaflet for that year, so the increase in spend is equal to a 28% increase lasting for two years.

The news is good for cyclists who like to ride on West Sussex's country lanes, but the cost is pretty large in a year when other WSCC budgets are being cut back hard.

Source: http://www.wscountytimes.co.uk/news/local/investigation-potholes-compens...