Harrison Road (restricted) Byway Resurfacing Now Complete

I am pleased to advise that works to improve Harrison Road for the benefit of walkers and cyclists will begin shortly.  A Tarmac surface of generally 3 metres will be laid subject to narrowing around a couple of existing sheds; ancillary works, including installation of bollards off Southdown View Road to prevent future public vehicle access, will also be completed.  Some clearance will be undertaken in the week beginning 9 November (to ensure enough space for plant and machinery to operate), and subject to no significant unforeseen issues arising the substantive works will begin on Monday 16 November.  The surfacing and ancillary works should be completed shortly before Christmas and will be delivered in two phases – the first phase will be from Dominion Way going west, and on completion of that works will start from Southdown View Road going east.


Public access will unfortunately have to be prevented during works – it will not be safe for people to use the route whilst plant and machinery are operating and there is no practical alternative that can be provided.  I realise this will be a considerable inconvenience to many and I regret this.  Harrison Road will be closed for 1 – 2 days in the week 9 November, and from 16 November until works are complete.  Advance notices are being put out to give path users forward notice and your help to make people aware would be greatly appreciated.  I am writing similarly to a number of others who have expressed interest also in the path.


Kind regards,



Jon Perks

Principal Rights of Way Officer