Cycle Velodrome Events Lined Up For Worthing

From John Rogers

Street Velodrome Event in Beach House Park August 1st and 2nd An update for the meeting on 15 January 2015:
I met with a number of Council Officers and the Velodrome organiser last week and it was confirmed that the Council have booked this event for Worthing and are currently in the process of signing the necessary agreements/contracts etc. They are paying the whole amount for the event which is £21,500. The event will be on Beach House Park sited between Splash Point pool and the active beach zone. The Council will be writing to the residents of Beach House to advise them about the event.
The Council will also lead the team for the event with their new Events Manager Jo Osborne who starts 2 Feb including all the printing and publicity etc as needed. They will also be deciding what ancillary attractions can go on BHP to add to the event and are aiming for high quality.I have offered to help with trying to obtain some sponsorship for the event and will be applying to WSCC for a grant towards the cost.
As far as WCF is concerned, we have the opportunity to have a time slot allocated to us on the 1 August for our own use, this can be either for some form of competition or to run a charity fund-raising event (I would prefer this option as I think it will give a higher profile).
The event outline is as follows: 1st August - Velodrome erected on site from 8am and should be ready for use between 10am and 11am and runs until 6pm. This first day is free for the public and/or organisations to use. Sponsors of the event will also have time allocated. This day is not filmed. 2nd August - amateurs can try the track from 9am onwards - the best will qualify for one of the heats later in the day. then there will be an open session for the public and/or half-hour slots will be sold to advertisers. Pro-riders who come with the team will supervise. Then the pro-team practice and those who have qualified will have sessions. The pro's and the best amateurs then have the 'proper' races all of which are filmed for the series going out on Ch4 later.
The heats are: Paisley 30 May; Stevenage 14 June; Edinburgh or Belfast 21/22 June; Stockton 12 July; Lowestoft 18/19 July; Worthing 1/2 August; Ealing 8/9 August and the final at Broadgate London 13 August.
Ch4 have the film/tv rights but sell it on to Sky Sports, Fox Sports and other world-wide channels thereafter towards the end of the year.
All this is in the design stage and of course is subject to alteration. I think it would be nice to arrange a day out to go to the Stevenage heat if enough people are interested - perhaps we could hire a mini-bus?
I'm pleased the Council are taking this on, WCF won't have to do any organising or marshalling unless we volunteer as individuals. The only thing I would like us to do is to have a gazebo up for publicity and maybe a 'Dr Bike' stall.