St Barnabus Hospice

Transport amount: 
Amount available: 
Section 106 Designation / Restrictions: 
Cycle way provision
Payment trigger: 
Within 7 days of commencement of development.
Spend deadline: 
Thursday, 9 January 2014
Planning reference: 

£40,000 for the provision of a cycleway.

The planning decision notice has a condition, number 25, that says:

No building shall be occupied unless and until a footway/cycle way as indicated on the approved plan extending along the site frontage onto Titnore Lane and behind (east) of the boundary hedgerow has been provided in accordance with precise details of its siting, design, and construction and surface materials to be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority in consultation with the Highway Authority.

Reason: to provide for non car mode of transport to and from the site in accordance with PPG13

It would appear that such a cycleway has not yet been built: certainly Google's aerial view from June 2013 shows a grassy strip where the cycleway should be. There is also no public record that the developers have written approval to condition 25. Yet the Hospice has been occupied with patients since 8 March 2011: is the Hospice in breach of its planning conditions?